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Dating With Spanish

Spanish Dating

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Spanish Dating Customs & Culture 


A peculiarity of a region is certainly the bull life in Pamplona, ​​which is not only a magnet for spectators and tourists, but is also controversial in Spain and many other countries. Nevertheless, it is a tradition based on medieval fairs, where animals were driven to the fairground and slaughtered there. But of course there are many other customs that are celebrated in different ways depending on the region:


  • Animal Blessing (San Antonio): When Saint Anthony, who is the patron saint of animals, is honored in Spain on January 17, it is a feast day in many places. Pastors move across the country and bless the domestic animals there to protect them from illnesses or accidents.
  • St. John's Night (Fiesta de San Juan): It takes place on June 23 and is the Spanish variant of the summer solstice. It ends in the Johannisfest. The Johannisnacht is a pagan festival, which has been adopted by the Catholic Church in some respects. The festivities are particularly pronounced in Valencia and Alicante. However, summer festivals and events around this date generally take place across the country.
  • St. Joseph's Day (Día de San José): This is the Spanish variant of Father's Day, which is celebrated all over Spain. It is the night of March 19, the night that is as long as the day. So the festival also says goodbye to winter and officially declares spring. Although this day is celebrated everywhere, Valencia is particularly splendid. Here are the fallas, large sculpture dolls that are lit at night. The dolls often represent politicians or current topics. The dolls can be compared to the carnival cars a little.


Other important events


For many Spaniards, one of the most important dates of the year is not related to religions or special celebrations. The Spanish Christmas lottery with its main prize "El Gordo" is probably written down in countless calendars and is celebrated by the participants together with the family. So one of the most important dates around the lottery is probably the day on which the tickets go on sale.


Incidentally, this is also possible today from Germany. There are many providers like online casinos in this area. An overview of the test winners can be found on this website. The next date is the drawing itself: It always takes place on the Saturday just before Christmas and lasts for hours that are spent on shows, entertainment and being with the family.


  • Feria de Abril: Originally this was a cattle market that has turned into a big fair. The festival is celebrated in Seville and offers stands, dancing, music and beautifully decorated streets.
  • La Tomatina: where to go with overripe tomatoes? On the tomato festival, of course. In the last week of August it is celebrated in Buñol and offers all participants the opportunity to finally have a tomato battle.


There are probably dozens of other dates and celebrations because Spaniards know how to celebrate. In general, it makes sense to turn away from the larger cities around festivals and to see how the customs are celebrated apart. The Christmas fires in the country after the fair show the regional differences.


Religious customs and celebrations


Religion also determines many customs and celebrations in Spain. They often take place on public holidays, so that the whole family can consider the traditions together. Some examples:


  • Semana Santa: This festivity takes place between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday and is particularly impressive. Brotherhoods and congregations carry statues of Mary and Jesus through the streets, dressing in ancient robes that depend on the respective region. The procession is accompanied by torches and drums. This festival is considered the most important festival in Spain. Impressive parades take place, particularly in the southern areas. Around Granada, Seville and Málaga, the Semana Santa is a spectacle, so tourists should book a hotel as long as possible. Hundreds of thousands of people come to the cities.


  • Drum Festival: It is a little part of the Semana Santa, because the drum festival takes up a custom there. The festival really comes into its own in the home of director Luis Buñuel, Calanda. It goes from Good Friday 12 p.m. to Easter Saturday 2 p.m. Percussion groups support around 1,500 drummers.


  • Christmas: Christmas is a little different in Spain than in other countries. On Christmas night the family comes together and has a very balanced dinner. There are usually specialties. Afterwards the focus is on the "Urn of Destiny". It contains smaller gifts and rivets.  A big difference to Christmas is the handling of the midnight mass. It is still an important Christmas element, but especially in the rural regions people sing and celebrate together afterwards at a Christmas fire in larger squares.

The best way to meet Spanish people 


The women in Spain like to emphasize their femininity, which is particularly attractive to many men. In addition, many of the racy Southerners delight with their beautiful long, black hair. These are presented either as a seductive lion's mane or as a great updo. The Spaniards' dark eyes sparkle with lust for life. They often put on make-up and like to use a deep red lipstick.


The women in Spain dress very consciously, chic and elegant. This also applies to leisure time. In Spain, people are classified by clothing in terms of professional success and social position. The ladies always pay attention to a beautiful and very well-groomed appearance. No wonder that many men want to get to know Spanish women.


Many mail order bride in Spain are confident, emancipated, sociable and eloquent. In general, they know exactly what they want. They unfold freely. Constrict you, this attempt will fail. In their free time, they do not like to stay at home, but rather prefer to go dancing, have a nice meal or meet friends to chat and spend good hours.


The Spanish are lively, so new acquaintances are quickly made. They meet their fellow human beings openly, directly and without prejudice. Men should therefore not confuse the friendliness of women in Spain with feelings of love. Before they make deep friendships, however, this takes some time.


Spanish women are very attractive to many men. It is said that her blood is passionate, which makes many men soften quickly. But what else is typical for Spanish women? What is your character and mentality? What needs to be considered when flirting and getting to know each other? All of this is explained below.


How do women from Spain tick?


Beautiful Spanish girls love to listen to music and dance. They are full of life and nothing can upset them. So they radiate calm. What you cannot do today, you will do tomorrow. Thanks to their inner peace, they are usually in a good mood and quickly pass it on to other people. They laugh a lot and see everything positively. That is why men are attracted to them.


What do Spanish women look like?


Typical Spanish women usually look very feminine. They are either medium in size or slightly smaller and often have long, straight, shiny black hair, dark eyes and a dark brown complexion. The face is often lighter, the lips are bright red. They like to wear summer dresses and great shoes. In general, they dress very consciously and, above all, elegantly. This also applies to leisure time. For Spanish women, their appearance is very important. They also attach great importance to personal hygiene.


spanish woman with medium brown hair on the beach


What is the character of Spanish women?


Spanish women are confident and eloquent. They just know what they want and nothing disturbs them. Communicating Spanish women love to go and are very active in their free time. For them, dinner is a wonderful and important part of their life together. They like to go to the cinema and then meet in different bars to enjoy life to the fullest. The children have also been traveling for a long time. Spanish women are lively and sociable women who also imagine their friendliness to each other. This openness also makes it possible to get to know someone relatively quickly.


What do Spaniards think about getting married?


The family is very sacred to the Spanish women. They love children and spend a lot of time with them and their partners. Therefore, they like to marry their chosen one if they have a happy relationship with him or her and if they have the same typical characteristics. In Spain, mostly women take care of the house and raise children.


What expectations does a Spaniard have of her partner?


Spanish women expect good manners and good behavior from their partner. It should be polite and polite, because Spanish women attach great importance to intelligent education. A man should make a good impression in front of family members and especially parents. A family has a very high value. If a partner gets along well with her, it further strengthens the Spaniard's love. A man should be careful and sometimes generous because Spanish women like to be invited.


What to consider when flirting with Italian women


If you want to meet a Spanish woman, you should pay attention to the good looks, because women attach great importance to her. It is very important that you have a chance, especially at the first contact. It is also advisable to take a small, nicely wrapped gift with you when a man is invited home to a Spanish woman. Cakes, baked goods and chocolate are also ideal for flowers. With the latter, however, you should keep in mind that it is an odd number because an even number is used more often in sad cases. Number 13 also brings bad luck to Spain. After all, it is only important to sincerely praise a woman to show her that she is interested in it.


Advice for dating in Spain 


If you like a lady, the average Spaniard does his best. This also means that the Spaniards embrace their conquest and pay the whole evening on the first date. You could almost think that they are old school men. Nevertheless, things are a bit more emancipated in the big cities of Spain like Madrid or Barcelona. Equal treatment has long prevailed here - and women are welcome to do their part without having to put their foot in it. If you want to catch a little Don Juan, you should still observe some important flirting rules:


  • Don't be stingy with the charms. Spaniards are visually inclined. A well-groomed appearance should be a matter of course. Of course, the first thing is that you should feel comfortable in your clothes, but you should still put your preferences in the limelight - whether it's long legs in short shorts, a top with deep insight or sexy make-up eyes.


  • Spanish men prefer proud women. If the female gender starts the flirting attempts too aggressively, this has a rather deterrent effect. These are at best suitable for an adventure to fish a man for one night. It will not be great love then. A little reluctance is much better received. A nice smile and intense looks are still allowed. Then it remains to be seen whether the Spaniard will return the flirting attempts. If he likes a woman, he will usually not hesitate to speak to the chosen one.


  • Don't overrate compliments. Spanish men are romantic and spirited. With compliments you express your admiration and desire - even completely foreign women. Since it can happen to you that they are addressed with a direct sentence like "You are the most beautiful woman on the beach". Even though this is very romantic, you should not forget that you are definitely not the first woman to receive this compliment. Compliments are more like icebreakers for Spanish men. Therefore, think carefully about how you react to such situations so that you are not completely perplexed. Keep strategies in place for situations where you find the man attractive and for those in which you basket the man.


  • Pay attention to the Spanish ego. Spanish men are real gentlemen. And even if Spanish men prefer proud women and emancipation goes without saying, Spaniards are very traditional. The advantage is, of course, that he behaves like a gentleman: move the chair, extend your arm, pay the bill. But at the same time, this also brings a different image of women, because despite pride and profession, the image of the housewife and mother is still strong. You do not have to want to be a mother immediately and do not spend the day at the stove, but the image of women is pre-defined and you should take this into account when flirting: the man wants to be the provider, the man in the house and show strength. Let him do this by showing himself not to be more educated than him, being a little reserved and also asking for help and advice.


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